Bar, Tel-Aviv


A cool project with a story. It involved a renowned 15-year-old bar in the Florentine neighbourhood, which was previously located in a very small and intimate space. They moved to a great new location on the same street replacing 2 other bars.

The mandate was to maintain the intimate atmosphere within the space and to preserve as much of the character and items from the original location as possible, in order not to change the unique character the old location was infamous for. In addition, the contractor was one of the owners and the "workers" were the members of the bar staff who had been left without any real work during the months of renovation.

We utilised everything we could recycle. The floor of the old bar became the furniture of the new bar after the renovation of the wood as well as wall decorations. Elsewhere, barrels were turned into stools, all the lights were provided with new fixtures and moved, and the chairs were renovated and padded from scratch.